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I’ve read numerous books and watched countless documentaries about how art helps to heal.  Though I’ve always held this idea in high regard and have believed it to a degree, I’ve been curious just how it really works.

Last week I hit a slight downward spiral of my generally positive outlook.  My blood pressure was elevated as was my glucose count.  These are things I’ve had in check for quite some time now and I have actually been able to come off of some of the drugs I’ve been on.  I knew I’d probably brought some of this on by my clear disregard for the good diet and exercise regimine I’ve been on, yes I justified this as my “done with school celebration,”  but in the end it really had to do with my state of mind.  I did what I normally do when this hits and reached out to friends to have someone to talk to.  That wasn’t really working this time.  I followed the advice of my friend and neighbor, Stacy, and proceeded to immerse myself in an art project I’ve been working on.  I tuned in to some mellow tunes, pulled out the art supplies and started the project.  I immediately began to feel better mentally.  Several hours passed and I finally dragged myself away from the project to get some sleep. The next morning when I woke up, my sugar levels were back to normal and my BP was rockin’ a nice 102/70.  I became a believer.  I know the non-believers out there will find some kind of logical explanation, but mind you, nothing had yet been changed in my diet or exercise program to explain this immediate turn around.  I understand why there is such a fixation on using the arts for healing.  It works.

I don’t profess to understand politics enough to argue about them on this blog, but I do know this: We as a people are so wrapped up in capitalism, keeping up with the Joneses (whoever they may be), technology, and the desire to be in control, that we have overlooked the foundation of humanity.  Being human.  That is primarily accomplished through the ability to create something artistic that affects lives.  We have a candidate that wants to cut funding for the National Endowment of the Arts and inevitably we all know the arts in general will suffer from these types of “budget cuts.”  I have yet to hear about budget cuts to rebuild countries we destroy and young lives we lose because the powers that be are playing who has the bigger penis games.

This reminds me of something I couldn’t wrap my mind around when I was living in Camden.  My neighbors kids were decked out in designer clothes and $80.00 shoes, but she was knocking on my door to “borrow” some food “cause the kids are hungry.”  Priorities much?

That is all.