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Late last year I was approached by a bubbly, smiling woman named Ann Marie who struck up a rather interesting conversation with me.  By the time the night had ended, she offered me the opportunity to have a radio show on her Internet station, http://www.rhinoonair.com.  I was ecstatic.  The premise I came up with was to have a one hour show about writing, since that is what I do and where my passion lies.  I thought it would be a great idea to interview writers from all genres and walks of life.  Hence, Write At Five.  Plans were made and a structure was created and I then asked my friend Daphne to join me as a co-host.  We were ready to proceed.

It is now six months later and I must say I have met some amazing and interesting people.  I plan to continue with the radio show and am looking to have a few round table discussions on future shows.  Check the Flashes Of Inspiration section of my blog to listen in to some of the podcasts from the show!

Remember to tune in to http://www.rhinoonair.com every Tuesday from 5:00 – 6:00pm EST.

That is all.