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I’ve often been asked where my inspiration for writing comes from.  Let’s start out with the most obvious answer…LIFE. The second  answer would be the observation of human interaction.

The human experience from my perspective is a most amazing gift.  I know we are in tumultuous times, but I believe as a writer I have never felt more alive and inspired by that experience.  Personally, I have pushed so far away from the dark and debilitating journey that was my past to see so much more of what lies before me.  Every experience puts words into my mind, my heart, and my spirit.  Writing has truly become the blood coursing through my veins and no matter how hard it is to make that my life’s mission for financial support, I will forge ahead.  I feel blessed and grateful every day that writing is my passion and my life quest for fulfillment.  Though I never had the support from my family early on in life that would have enabled me to take this journey sooner, I do believe I would not have become the creative force I am today without the path my life has taken.

Every time I attend an event that puts me in the same creative space as so many others that share this passion with me, I count myself luckier than the richest person on this earth.  Last night at Southern Fried, I listened to the poets and felt their intensity, but even more so, I studied the faces of those watching and listening along with me.  If I tried for the rest of my time on this earth, I could never find the words to describe what I saw in those faces.  Those poets reached into each and every soul standing in the room and said come with me and feel my story.  We all went willingly and each time the ride was over, lives were changed…

That is why we do what we do…

That is all.