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The desire to create that bounces around inside an artist’s mind is a lead in to multiple means of creative expression.

Have you ever really looked deeply into the characteristics of a painting that captures your eye and grasped the depth the artist went to in order to put it on the canvas?

Have you ever really read between the lines of a story and wondered how far into that story the writer delved?

Have you ever put your ideas and beliefs on hold for 3-5 minutes while a poet recited his/her words so you could hear the message beyond the words?

Have you ever listened to a song and felt the artist’s heart and soul in the beat?

Have you ever looked at a photograph and stood in the same place as the photographer when the image was shot to bask in the beauty of something that is forever captured?

The creative mind gives birth to an idea, puts it into something tangible that others can see, hear, and/or feel and shares it with the world.  Whether you, as an artist, ever become recognized or not, you have left a footprint on this earth that will always be a part of the bigger picture we call life.  Embrace that idea. It’s far more profound to come to that realization than any amount of comfort you can garner from fame and fortune.  What you do touches lives…forever.

That is all.