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I have recently learned the importance of a good bed.

When I first moved into my apartment I had a large, highly elevated queen size, pillow top bed that provided me with wonderful nights of dream-filled sleep and much needed rest.  About half a year ago, my daughter was telling me how exciting it would be when she and her fiancee could buy a bed as theirs was in really poor shape. Being the mom I am, I told my daughter I was planning on getting rid of mine as I didn’t really need it anymore.  I bought a futon.

For a few months, I slept on the futon, bought fluffy tops and foamy tops to try and make it more comfortable only to realize my 54 year old body wasn’t going to be able to do this.  A few months later I scraped some money together to buy a mattress and box spring, only to realize I didn’t had enough money, so I just purchased the mattress.  Plopping it on the floor with all the fluffy and foamy stuff on top, I was relieved to have a bed again.

Just two weeks ago as I lay down to go to sleep, I feel eerily uncomfortable.  My nerve endings were backfiring and I found it hard to breathe. I got up and decided to sleep on the futon that night.  I continue to have that feeling of discomfort and decided it was time to buy a box spring. I hit the warehouse store filled with overpriced, mid quality furniture and found a somewhat battered box spring in the reject section of the store.  It had some nicks and dings, and looked like it was slid across the floor at some point and had some dirt on it, but it was cheap.  I also found a metal frame that was “on sale” because it was out of the box.  Bingo!  I had my bedding.

When I got home and set it up with the help of a couple of friends, I marveled at how high the bed looked.  I quickly plopped down on it and giggled excitedly as my friends looked on and shook their heads.  I had a bed.  I told my friend Daphne what I had been feeling and she made a rather interesting comment.  She pointed out that I had to start the day pulling myself up instead of just rolling over an standing up.

Last night I slept like a baby and today I feel refreshed, excited, and ready to take on the day.

When we have to start the day pulling ourselves up, we’re already behind the 8 ball.

That is all.