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It is not until a moment occurs that can alter your life forever that you realize there are things you cannot explain.  By rights, I should be seriously injured or dead as I write these words.  Circumstances, time, place, leaving a bit later, arriving a bit earlier, taking a different route, all things that can determine your future.  The most amazing realization in all of this is that you have no control over any of it.  Things will transpire despite anything you consciously or subconsciously do.  Humans have this unrealistic concept that life can be manipulated and manufactured to fit a predetermined formula.  I too carried this thought process for decades.  As I turned my head to the left, I stared into the headlights of a car that ran red, and as I prepared myself to be T-boned, I found myself out of harms way…my foot was not on the gas.  There is no questioning how it happened, there is no questioning of whether it was not my time, there is no questioning of why I’m still here.  I just am.  I live to write another day, and that, I CAN control.