left for dead
carrion on the side of highways
stretching through desolate lands
birds of prey seeking soft crevices
touched by the elements of decay

left for dead
mourned in darkened rooms
at the end of mortuary hallways
loved ones pining over breathless bodies
embracing eternal sleep in earth or flames

left for dead
ceasing to be
a walking testimony
of what they want to see
in the eyes of those that profess
love eternally

a fist clenched in apathy
under a patriarchal society
a barrage of degradation
body image consternation
expectations of perfection
psyche dissection
we must be goddess resurrection

not left for dead
when we are still breathing
life into the world
[man]kind is blind
we are not left for dead
in body
but in mind


with each beat of the heart
we feed a revolution
that strengthens
a demand for restitution
if you want to love us
beyond your need
to leave us for dead