Keeping perspective of the “think positive” movement going on these days is often difficult.

How many times a day do you get pissed off about something. How many times a day do you feel like your brains are going to leak out of your ears because you’re trying so damn hard to believe in the concept of the law of attraction?

I’m a little hesitant at times to embrace that whole attraction thing, as I seem to attract people that think I’m fair game in the screw me over department. Funny thing is, I’m not really angry about that, because they are the choices “I” make, can’t blame anyone else for that. But…I revel in the knowledge that I have full and total control over “my” life and don’t have to answer to ANYONE but myself.

In light of that realization, those of you out there that think you have a vested interest in the I that is me, let it go. You have an overinflated opinion of your value as a life form in my Universe.

As I begin to see the value of my role in society and the bigger picture as a whole, I realize my choices are changing. I’m damn near 55 and the days of me cowering in the corner instead of speaking my piece, because of some innate daddy treated me like shit syndrome, are over.

When people come to me and tout how strong I am, and how much I’ve overcome, I always retort with, “you can always stand your ground, what’s the worst that can happen? You might upset someone? They might not like you anymore?” Boo effing Hoo. So, In light of making that statement, I now take my own advice.

I’m not here to provide for someone else’s needs. I’m not here to promote and support someone else’s dreams at the cost of my own. I’m not here to bow down to those that are sucking the damn life force out of me! I’m here for me. It’s time for me to invest in my dreams and goals. It’s a solo flight and I’m fine with that. Embracing that idea empowers the hell out of me! Yes.

Stand by…