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Revised Front

The amazing foreword for Rejecting 18 Square Feet by my mentor, Ned Johnson. I am honored by his words.

“R. MonaLeza dedicates her existence to the exploration of the human condition. Her empowering message that the spirit overcomes adversity follows in the tradition of the great writers of the past century: Angelou, Hemingway, Plath, and Thompson. No one shows more dedication to reaching minds, teaching minds, and seeking minds on the journey of self-discovery and elsewhere discovery. R. MonaLeza, pure and non-simply, IS a writer.

As one explores the inner sanctum that is R. MonaLeza, one quickly discovers layer after layer of a woman who refuses to succumb to life’s beat-downs, put-downs, and whatever downs. Rising above the trials that would destroy a lesser individual, she channels the pain into writings that engulf, elevate, and expatriate negative emotions from the reader. Each page strengthens in intensity until the reader is satiated yet hungry for more; worn to a frazzle yet energized to continue the exploration; overwhelmed with raw emotions yet enjoying the exposition – the reader becomes the writer’s alter ego, possessing and possessed.

Whether it be prose or poetry, screenplay or blog, R. MonaLeza successfully navigates the individual universe in all of us, finding those universal themes in all of us that purges and captures the realm of emotions. She writes as an everywoman yet is unlike any woman who ever graced a mansion, a house, or a shanty. She writes for everyone, praising and castigating us all for our beauties and our uglies and our often inabilities to know the difference.

R. MonaLeza is an extraordinary human being writing about extraordinary human conditions in an extraordinary world where the ordinary becomes the extraordinary. Without a doubt, she deserves a place among the great writers of her time…or any time. She is Unbound, Silently Retributive, Manifestally Menopausal, a Cougar and a Kitten. She is fearless, formidable, feminine, masculine, and more real than anyone we’ve seen in a long time.

Challenge awaits the reader perusing the pages of any work by this author. The challenge is in keeping one’s emotions at bay as the full gamut are exposed: love, hate, anger, contrition, melancholia, laughter, pain, etc., etc., etc. Challenge yourself as a reader to let those emotions go and immerse yourself in R. MonaLeza’s universe. Think, react, think, allow yourself to be urinated off, think, enjoy, and, above all, think.

R. Mona Leza is thinking about us all, and we are all better for it.”