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By now, most of you have heard about the Steubenville, OH rape case. I’ve mulled this over for several days as I was not sure how I wanted to approach this rant.

So, here you go…
“Two teen girls were arrested Monday after allegedly posting on Facebook and Twitter threats to hurt or kill the girl at the center of a much-publicized rape case.”

What does this say to you?

Two girls the same age as the victim are responding to the devastation of a life in a manner that is befitting some type of primitive, pre-civilized society.

How is it that these young girls would actually fall into a victim blaming mindset to this degree?

What would it take for them to understand the level of destruction this event will cause in the victims future if she doesn’t commit suicide?

What would it take to teach these two young women that at any point in their lives, they too could become victims of the heinous crime of rape?

I’m very afraid at just how deep Rape Culture really goes. When this occurs, sisters should gather together and help with the process of healing in order to transcend from victim to survivor.

Though my own rape was nowhere near as brutal as this young woman, it has been 38 years and I am still affected to this day.

I would gladly sit in a room with them and describe my rape in full detail, then explain how my life has been affected for a period over three times as long as they’ve been alive.

I need to know how this thought process can be in young minds and how to educate them to understand the travesty of a crime that often falls by the wayside because the victim is held accountable for her rapists actions.

This truly saddens me.