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Whew. I cannot tell you how very grateful I am to the company that produces this product. I have actually thought of writing a letter thanking them for the following thought process in creating this target:

The company has a line of 15 zombies…and only one is female. “To discriminate against Women by not having them represented in our product selection would be just plain sexist,” the website says.

Clearly, it was imperative to be politically correct, give women an equal representation, and was the goal to potentially reach more male gun owners?

Why wouldn’t your company want to perpetuate the idea that slaughtering your ex-girlfriend is all part of the joy of gun ownership. As the article states, “A woman’s likelihood of a violent death within the home actually increases by 270% when a gun is kept inside the house.” Why not increase that statistic by selling a product that can be used to practice on before the real thing takes place?

As I have stated many times I am neither for nor against gun ownership. If our constitution says it’s a right, well then dammit, we need to uphold our rights. I think America should fight as strongly for the constitutional right to bear arms as we do for racial and gender equality. I think American should be just as supportive of the NAACP as they are of the NRA.

Oh, wait – whole different concept to uphold that part of our beloved doctrine.

I feel the Constitution is like the Bible, open for interpretation and the interpreter is rarely the general public.