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I’ve decided to take a quick aside in my new 30/30 and post this article of mine that was published some time back.

Several years ago, I had applied for a writing job and was very excited when I received a response to come in for an interview. First flag was that is was being run out of someone’s home. It turned out what they needed was a write for a porn site. As desperate as I was for a job, it just didn’t sit right with me, however, the writer in me decided to do some investigating. I spent a week at this “job” only to find out that the two men running it were “importing” girls from all over the country with the promise of photo shoots. They paid all expenses and like some of the human trafficking tricks we are aware of now, they promised good money and lots of opportunity. Problem was, these girls had no way home and were eventually coerced into “graduating” from photos, to stripping, to performing in porno’s. Drugs were introduced and expectations were raised to start prostituting. I wanted to bring this to the authority’s attention, however, they were all over 18, did not want to press charges, and I had no evidence. This was a turning point for me as a writer and as a woman.

Peddling Flesh For Profit

The progression from introduction to destruction is clearly defined. Back in the day, tight ass right wing factions used to create propaganda to assure the would be drug addicts of America that marijuana was a stepping stone to harder drugs. They assured us that once you started smoking pot, it was inevitable that you would end up shooting heroin into your veins. Though that is not my belief, because we all have choices, I equate that philosophy to the downward spiral of young women that start with something they believe to be harmless, or as they put it “not such a big deal,” and in a short time find themselves enmeshed in a lifestyle that boggles the mind.

It begins with the lure.

Photo Shoots – With the right makeup and lighting and the wonderful world of Photoshop, any woman can look like a supermodel. The rush of posing in provocative positions, the flash of the camera putting stars in their eyes, and the reassurance that taking off their clothes would add to their beauty is a common hook. The idea that men would look at their pictures and get excited at the prospect of being with them adds to the lure. It’s the computer age, and their pictures will be displayed on websites all over the world. Assured fame and admiration. The money is good too. What else can a woman do with no real effort? Why not use their bodies to make lots of money and live in the lap of luxury? Are there really long term repercussions? It definitely raises questions since women of all ages are doing it.

It progresses with the bait.

Stripping – Okay, since they’ve now taken their clothes off in front of a camera and men all over the globe are salivating over them, why not make more money and do the same thing, just in a club in front of a live audience? Imagine the rush of slowly taking off clothes and seeing the adoring faces of the men that will slip dollar bills into their g-strings, purely out of gratitude for the honor to see them. They can work three nights a week and make as much money as they would sitting in an office slaving all day for minimum wage. The coveted lap dances are the icing on the cake as they gyrate over a stranger that slips them a fifty to get a closer look at their wares. The men are not allowed to touch, so there really is no harm in it. It’s all look but don’t touch.

The addiction begins.

Porno actresses – The realization; the money is rolling in so steadily they can’t spend it fast enough. Nice clothes, condos, expensive cars, parties all night, and the ever present reality that they are wanted, desired, and paid for their presence leads to the next logical step. They enjoy sex as much as any woman and since relationships generally don’t work when they are in this profession, why not make money and have fun. Smiling at the camera, striving for satisfaction even though it’s all orchestrated and planned, and making money in the process, is a stroll down easy street. The royalties from videos that sell like hot cakes on a cold day are sure to secure a financially independent future.

The rationalization of the pot of gold.

Sex for money – They’ve been nude in front of the camera, in front of an audience, on DVD’s and the money is worth it all. They see other women their age living paycheck to paycheck, trying to survive the bills and responsibilities, and pity the tired look in their eyes. They are now convinced they have made all the right decisions. They have all the luxuries imaginable, and the money just keeps rolling in. Eventually, the offers at the strip club start to look good. Hell, they’re already taking their clothes off, enticing the customers, so when an offer of $200, $300, $400 for half an hour, an hour, of their time to provide sexual gratification arises, it seems so much easier than having to prance around on a stage for those sweaty dollar bills. They can make money faster, maybe find a sugar daddy, stock up on cash and material things, and get out. Retired at a young age.

The reality.

Once they’ve made the easy money and decide to get out, what’s next? There are skeletons in the closet, ghosts in their heads, and emotional turmoil that isn’t so easy to put aside. How to cope? Drugs, alcohol, sex addiction, suicide? I’m not saying every woman that ventures into the world of cash for flesh does all of these things, some do it for a short time, some do it to get through college, and some just plain do it because they like it. Having been in the scene, I reflect back on how many did take the path explained above, and how many were devastated when the party ended. It’s all a rush, a high, a sure means to make it in a society that demands so much for so little in return.