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I know I have been absent for some time now. Much has transpired in a short amount of time and many life decisions have been made.

I am completely revamping my life, in a GRAND way!

I have incorporated myself, R. MonaLeza Enterprises, Inc., in order to pursue my dream as an artist, author, and public speaker.

I plan to facilitate workshops for victims and survivors of domestic violence and rape. Stay tuned for more information.

I am working on three books that will also be used in the workshops and in future seminars dedicated to creating awareness about these issues from the perspective of someone that’s been there, rather than someone sitting in a position of power with no first hand knowledge that is making up laws which primarily create a positive outcome for the perpetrator. (Wow that’s a really loooonnnngg sentence).

I recently facilitated a Healing Through Writing Workshop in conjunction with the Crisis Center of Tampa Bay and am thrilled with the feedback! I have decided to post a poem I wrote from a prompt given to the attendees.


despite it all
I am a lady
with determined strides
into the future
I could let pain rule me
fuel me to self destruct
but I breathe
free my rage with conviction
embrace my inner goddess
I know it’s right
I know I make a difference
there is nothing as powerful
as the words that resonate
perpetuate healing
feeling the gift of love
and no one
can be more empowered by me
than myself