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2013 has definitely been an interesting year.

As I reflect back on yet another year in my life journey, I start with a deep sense of gratitude. I’m still here, still strong, and still persevering.

I always used to look at life as good things and bad things, but I think that view has changed. Yes unpleasant things can happen, but they are all a part of our forward motion and they definitely incite change.

Getting in touch with the self…making admissions about the self…learning to love the self…those are all building blocks to a happy, healthy life. It isn’t about what others can do for you or give to you, it’s about embracing who you are as an individual and sharing that part of yourself with those around you.

I was asked by a friend what I want to leave behind and I had an immediate laundry list forming. I stopped myself and really thought about that question. The only thing I really want to leave behind is the past…logical, right?

I asked myself what I am most grateful for and the best answer I came up with is the fact that I was 365 more days to BE.

Coming to terms with as many things as I have this past year, I feel equipped and fortified in many ways to take on the new year, one day at a time…

Peace, blessings, and happiness to all in the upcoming year.

I will begin 31 days of gratitude starting tomorrow.