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These past three weeks have been mind-blowing (for lack of some academic word that might seem trite) and I must say that I am a firm believer in people being able to gain strength and understanding from working through hard times.

On that note, I have decided I am ready to make a full commitment to putting up a daily post about the human condition.

I have been mulling over the various projects I have wanted to embark on and I have finally narrowed it down to something that will not only change my life, but the lives of others. Yes, I am that sure of what I am about to undertake.

The posts will be fairly short but chock full of information.

For those of you that are following my blog, my sincerest thanks. As I move forward with this blog, I would greatly appreciate you sharing it with friends, family, acquaintances, actually anybody that is able to read, and know that I will not disappoint in this endeavor.

My first post will be up before the end of the day and I will likely add a tanka poem here and there.

Again, thank you for supporting my creative efforts.