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Do we fear aging because it brings us closer to death?

I can admit there are times I have fallen into that trap of looking at myself in the mirror and hating the new wrinkle or less than shiny hue to my face that young skin embodies.

I’ve cursed menopause and the havoc it has wreaked on my body.

I have looked at the twenty-something girl standing next to me and lamented my lost youth.

Then, I think about the times we are in and how difficult it must be as a young person today. In all honesty, I would not want to be a young person in our current times. There is much to battle in order to stay grounded and positive about the future. As a teen and young adult, my worries were minuscule next to the things people of that age group face today, though we did have our share of hard times.

I’ve already been down that road and can look in the mirror today and say, “Wow, I have survived all of that, and I’m in my amazing life years.”

I’ve done the marriage thing, had children, tried some relationships, worked for the majority of my life, and came through several illnesses. Yet, here I am.

This morning I looked in the mirror and realized how much beauty I see in the reflection. It has nothing to do with the physical reflection looking back at me and everything to do with what is inside.

The fear of letting people see that has been a hindrance in many ways through the years. I suppose like most people, I fear the pain people can inflict if they see you as anything less than strong and empowered. I will admit, I have those attributes, but more importantly, I am a person filled with love and compassion.

I truly believe I can’t be hurt if I don’t empower haters to inflict their negativity and hateful ways on me.

In the end, physical death is but a transition to some other existence, emotional death is far more impacting and detrimental to the human spirit.