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How much time have you actually spent sitting in a silent place and letting your mind run free?

We are so conditioned from day to day on putting one foot in front of the other to follow a predefined track, a path, and to some a belief in destiny.

How many homeless people believe in destiny? How many terminally ill people believe in destiny? How many parents that have lost children believe in destiny? Is it easier to believe that the sad, horrific, negative and life altering things that happen are predestined? Or is the need to cling to the idea of who, what, or why was your life chosen to deal with trauma.

I was a devout Christian until January of 2007. I had just one more life defining moment that made me being to question my believe system. I wondered why God would allow so many bad things to happen, after all growing up with the word of God pronounced to me every Sunday, led me to embrace the idea that a benevolent being had his hands on the wheel and we were all just along for the ride.

I began to focus more on human nature, on what people do. I concluded in my need to feel some sense of a spiritual connection that there was some sort of god, I just wanted sure what his/her/its purpose was in the grand scheme of things. I listened to what people going through hard times were saying. I understood their need to pray, reach out for answers. I did the same for most of my life.

As time has moved on and I’ve gotten older, the world I knew as a child ceased to exist. Time must change things or we would cease to evolve.

I certainly do believe in some kind of benevolent energy, a Higher Power, if you will, it makes sense. I also believe that whatever it is, it suffers right along with us. We, this human species, are responsible for the condition of our existence. Everything that defines people inevitably comes down to choices. The choice to kill, rape, batter, condemn, hate, and the list goes on endlessly is just that, a choice. In times when we choose to love, embrace, support and elevate each other, the dynamic of human interaction changes.

Love is not a wanting or needing, love is a state of being and a choice.

Stay tuned.