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jan-4Day five is a loaded concept day. FAITH.

Faith. That word can mean so many different things. Does it define the belief in a benevolent being on high? Trust in the greater plan for humanity? The idea that if staying positive in thoughts and actions, all would be well in the end? Is it religious? Spiritual?

I’ve mulled it over and have come to believe having faith means believing in myself and the purpose I have in the bigger picture of my existence. I have enough faith to believe for the most part people are kind, loving, and caring. I have enough faith to believe that inherently humans want to be free of the shackles that drive us to bad choices and decisions. I have enough faith to believe that there is something greater than me, than all of us, not so much orchestrating us like puppets, rather feeding us the energy to do good. For those that fall off the rails now and then, I believe there is a need for faith to get back on track.

I was a born and raised, church-going, God fearing Christian for 49 years. I woke up one January morning and found I’d lost the ability to believe in all that I’d been taught from a very young age. So many unanswered questions flowed through my mind and I wondered how I could believe in all of the teachings without asking questions. I asked those same questions recently, because I’ve been feeling like there’s been a hole in my life since “losing my faith.”

Today I realized I’ve never lost my faith, I do believe in a higher power. I also understand what faith means to me. As long as I keep asking questions and seeking answers, I have faith.

Stay Tuned…#365daysoftransformation