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I learned this from a friend who crossed my path many years ago and never truly understood what it meant until now – ALLOWING.

I have been very dedicated to always being in control of my life, my surroundings, and those in my life. As time has passed and hard times have persevered, I came to realize how little control I really do have over most things.

I again found myself face to face with a difficult decision. I did what I’ve always done and started the planning and implementation phase. What do I do? How will it affect me and others? What will the repercussions be? What is the worst case scenario? And, of course, the list goes on. I was totally exhausted before I even began making the decision.

Since this is my year of transformation, I decided to do something differently. I made a decision, took a first step and then backed up, allowing the Universe and my Higher Power to do it’s thing. I decided that allowing that to occur would likely end with great results. I was not disappointed. Everything worked out the way I needed it to and I also came to understand that the new tools I have garnered over the past 11 days played a great part in all of it. I made a decision from a place of no fear, I stepped beyond my anxiety, manifested what I needed, and held onto faith that all would be as it should be. That is now the exact outcome.

I managed all of this with no need for control of the outcome and held on tightly to the fact that because I asserted myself, didn’t back down, and stayed committed to my needs, things aligned. I have what I need to take the next steps in an already gratitude filled new year.

Stay Tuned…#365daysoftransformation