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10506726_10152329324660840_3587082810300257275_oMy desire to embrace the artist in me relies completely on having PRIDE IN MY CRAFT.

I  have always had difficulty in believing I was a great Writer, a great Poet, a great Spoken Word Artist. Honestly, I’ve always compared my work and my performances to others in my creative circle. It was quite easy to negate my work in comparison to other. I can’t even count the times I heard  myself say, “I want to be that good someday.” I’ve been that good. The problem was, I was better at doubting myself than I was at believing in myself.

The irony in all of this negative rhetoric was that it held me back from excelling, from doing the things I secretly craved, from stepping off of the ledge and pushing myself beyond my self-created boundaries.

Now that I have accepted my talent and abilities as a poet with a purpose that is individual to me, I am moving forward in leaps and bounds. I am entering a world of words and ideas that never occurred to me before. I love watching the words flow together and create a song of liberation for me and a message to the readers that will hopefully cause them to pause and think, and maybe work toward creating a change for humanity. I know the power of words. I know the power of a voice. I know what I can contribute to the world. I know comparing myself to others is self defeating and has no purpose in a poet/writer’s existence.

I’m back with all of my passion for poetry and spoken word. This makes me happy.

Stay Tuned…#365daysoftransformation