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MOIInspiration is never in short supply when I think of the people I admire. I am very much drawn to creatives that just take the leap of faith and follow their dreams with such passion and commitment that it’s plain to see why they succeed.

There are a couple of ladies in the forefront for me right now that push the inspiration meter off the grid.



Betty FoxLet me start with a young lady I’ve been friends with for about six years now. Betty Fox. I have watched her grow and flourish as a singer/songwriter in ways I sometimes can’t even process. She is so incredibly talented and passionate about music. Every time I go to watch her perform, I am infused with my own desire to excel and flourish as an artist. She just released an acoustic CD that she pushed out into the world because she gave herself a deadline and made it happen in a short period of time. It’s no surprise that every song on that CD is phenomenal. In the midst of huge hug, I told her I had a project dream I’m pursuing and as is the case for this very gracious and giving young woman, she offered anything I needed to help me. That is what Betty Fox stands for in all of her endeavors. She is one of the most giving and caring people I know.

FanshenThe second person in my realm of creative infusion is Fanshen Cox DiGiovanni. I met her a while ago at Eckerd College. She was performing her show “One Drop of Love” and I was absolutely floored by her presentation. I was also taken aback by how similar our lives are in ways that excited me enough to push myself into yet another project that has been very near and dear to me for many years. I have been watching her grow and flourish by taking her message across the country and creating an awareness that is very much needed in these times. She has such a deep and profound caring for human beings and her determination and drive are beyond inspiring. There are those times when we cross paths with people that makes us reflect on our own lives. I’m excited that our paths crossed and not only did that happenstance make me reflect on my life it made me reflect on my gift of words and what I can do with them.

I am grateful to have two such strong, creative, and empowered women in my life. The two projects I am focusing on now are already changing so many things about my thought processes, goals, objectives, and dreams. Thank you Ladies!

Stay Tuned…#365daysoftransformation