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img-php-copyThe churning never stops.

I can honestly admit that I will not live long enough to complete every project I’ve started or start every project that pops into my head.

I would say on an average I have 3-5 major project ideas pop into my head on any given day. Whether it be writing a book, working toward getting published, painting, photography, performance, and the list goes on. Until recently, I’ve been unable to actually focus on one idea and run with it.

This constant churning in my brain is absolutely exhausting. i mean, it’s not just hey, there’s an idea, no, it’s full blown plan it out, outline it, cue it up for a start date and completion date.

Bad part is when I don’t follow through I feel awful. I beat myself up, call myself lazy and unmotivated. Truth be told, I just don’t have enough energy to actually follow through with something because my brain is fried by the time I actually get to it.

The time has finally come that I have focused on two projects and all else will get jotted down in a notebook for possible future endeavors. I’m ready to be faithful to my creative self and the projects that have risen above the rest.

Stay Tuned…#365daysoftransformation