About Mona B.

Mona_revised“It is the momentary thought flitting through the mind that causes the greatest need to pause and reflect.”

I live to write…

Writing is my passion. Poetry is my drug of choice. There is nothing more powerful than conveying triumphs, pain, sorrow, joy, and every other human emotion and condition that carries me from day to day. I revel in words and the ideas they bring across. My desire to write was born from strife and that journey has led me to an inner peace that is still unraveling my mind.  There is no better place for me than in my own head, thriving to satiate my need to create with language.

4 thoughts on “About Mona B.”

  1. Dave Henderson said:

    I’ve known you for a lifetime.. as a kid and as an adult you have always been simply amazing.. You are an inspiration to so many.. never give up girl. You ROCK!! (I’m likin’ the “Dr. Mona” thang.. my bet is on you!)

  2. I read some of your work and yes I am sold, and will be wetting my pallet from time to time. Sweet !

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